Christmas and New Year belong to the most happy days of a filipino family. Yet, for many, these days were not without challenges and hardships. Earthquakes and two typhoons have caused more sadness and the expectation to celebrate and have a joyful family time together was for many families just a dream. It’s exactly in such times when help is most welcome and brings comfort so much needed.Typhoon “ tisoy “ has caused much damage in the areas of Mindoro and Bicol and NACSEA Relief reached out to 76-families in Mindoro and 253-families in the Bicol region in delivering food packages.

Such relief activity is always just a first step, what we have to look into it is repairing of houses and rebuilding of agriculture. Calamity reports we also received from Leyte and further action is under process.Thank you for your support and cooperation for our beloved Filipino people and goodwill towards the our country.