We congratulate Urs Arman Nuyad, from Tagum/Davao del Norte and wish him continued success by God’s blessing in pursuing his career dream.

See his note of appreciation

As a student who is being supported by the NACSEA RELIEF, I was very happy and overwhelmed. This kind of privilege was such a blessing given by our Almighty God. The experience is so amazing, it really give me hope to have a better future.

This success would never be possible without the help of our Heavenly Father for such a provider for all the things I need and for giving me a strength, courage and perseverance to continue on my chosen degree. And to the people which is being used by the Heavenly Father to carry me on realizing my dream.

My sincere and deepest gratitude to District Apostle Urs Hebeisen for giving me a chance to pursue and for believing me that I could achieve it. To NACSEA Relief and Miss Marlene Datario, which I am ever indebted, thank you for allowing me to avail the scholarship program that supports on my study. Ultimately, to my family, I am forever grateful for always lending a hand on me.

As a graduate and soon to be a professional, I hope I could return the favor on what God had given to me. Today, I will concentrate on helping the work of God and to the congregation as a thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father.

Thank you and to God all be the glory.

Urs Arman E. Nuyad