NACSEARelief understands itself as the social responsibility service provider of the New Apostolic Church in the Philippines. Activities focus on Education in remote rural areas where school infrastructure is lacking and  Scholarships for deserving students, outreach  to  humans in need  and  assisting in relief, rehab and reconstruction after natural disasters without racial, religious, social or political biases

The Board of Trustee consists of following members:

  1. Urs Hebeisen, (President)
  2. Freddy Nuyad (Mindanao)
  3. Siegfred Catan (Visayas)
  4. Kurt Brenner (NACI)
  5. Mabelle Bagtas (Secretary)

Officers (part time or pro bono):

  1. Mabelle Bagtas (Operations, Project Management)
  2. Genalyn Mosura (Scholarships)
  3. Rebecca Silvano (Secretarial Trainee)
  4. Ruth Mosura (Accounting)
  5. Ramil Santos (Finance)
  6. Rebecca Pimentel (General Administration)

NACSEARelief is financed by private donations and funding from other organizations belonging to the network of NAC charity organizations.

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