NAC SEA Relief joins a family of charites connected with the New Apostolic Church supporting countries around the world. Below is a list of our New Apostolic friends.


New Apostolic Church Relief Organization (NACRO) is a relief and developmental organisation of the New Apostolic Church District Apostle Area (NACDAA) 28, which covers Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe. It was first registered in Zambia as Henwood Foundation in 2002 under the Societies Act. NACRO aims to promote developmental activities among the communities where it operates.


NACare Foundation

NACare Foundation is an Australian Registered Public Ancillary Fund (Charity) CH 2781 established by the New Apostolic Church for the Australia and South Pacific region. It aims to help and support Communities within the region: to improve and strengthen Communities, be prepared for and recover from natural and manmade disasters, and to support Australian registered Charities. As a public ancillary fund, NACare will provide financial support to eligible entities to deliver its mission.


NAK Humanitas

The mission of the Foundation NAK Humanitas is to work for a sustainable quality of life, for the creation of opportunities for people in difficult circumstances. It promotes to achieve these objectives and initiated NAK Humanitas targeted projects at home and abroad. The basis for their activities is only the wealth that will flow from their donations, inheritances and legacies.


Kujenga Maisha East Africa (KUMEA)

Kujenga Maisha East Africa (KUMEA) was established and registered in Kenya in June 2010 as an NGO for the New Apostolic Church; East Africa District. It grew out of the Relief and humanitarian efforts of the church that had been going on for five years. HIV/AIDS, illiteracy and poor climatic conditions are major contributors to rural poverty in East Africa. KUMEA therefore feels duty bound to respond to the needs of these communities. Although KUMEA is a Faith based NGO, it operates beyond the boundaries of the New Apostolic church. It brings together people of all faiths and persuasions without discrimination. KUMEA seeks to improve the living conditions of vulnerable members of the community through developmental activities. It is a vehicle through which an organization or individual can contribute towards sustainable development in the communities of East Africa.



(“The humanitarian work of NAC Southern Germany”)

The New Apostolic Church sees its primary mission – their mission – in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the ministry. In addition, has – as another key element of the Christian faith – the attention to detail that has come in need and become in need of particular importance. So signs of Christian charity can be set and it can be created in a way relief. The coordination and promotion of the humanitarian commitment of the New Apostolic Church of Southern Germany, Kdö.R. is, via the Association Mission of the New Apostolic Church of Southern Germany operated. The registered association based in Stuttgart exclusively and directly charitable, benevolent and religious purposes at home and abroad.


NAK-karitativ is bound to the commandments of christian ethics and to the messages of the gospel. Practiced charity without discrimination of gender, age, race, nationality or religion shall dominate the activities of our organization. In the focus is the welfare work dedicated to needy individuals or societies. NAK-karitativ takes care to reach this objectives by the implementation of an international network for relief and development projects joining partners from inside and outside the New Apostolic Church to a cooperation in solidarity.