Thanks to the donation of Swiss NAC Youth we´ve been enabled to implement some substantial projects in MARIPHIL Children´s Village, a home for currently 55 former street children. On the one hand we had the chance to significantly improve our facility through the construction of a cemented ringway. This ringway means a major progress for our daily village life – especially in the rainy season it is now possible to reach every house with dry feet.

Another part of the donation has been invested in additional pedagogical staff of the children´s village to guarantee an individual support of our children and to enhance their academic performance. Since a proper education is the key to a better and independent future, MARIPHIL is highly appreciating the hirement of two part-time educators. For now, it was made possible to hire the educators for a period of two years. In the evening they are going to assist the children of Elementary and High-School e.g. in preparing their homework and in any other educational issue.

Thus, the support of Swiss NAC Youth has the power to positively affect people´s – first of all children´s – quality of life and to clear their way into a better future.MARIPHIL Children´s Village is deeply grateful to be a beneficiary of NAC – Daghang Salamat, Thank you, Dankeschön!