NACSEA Relief braved the challenges for this project and commenced hauling for a period of one-month and daily 7-hours one way pick-up/delivery works (2-hours single motor trip and another 5-hours by foot carrying building materials up to site). The villagers and LGU on the other hand were committed to cooperating and ensuring security of the construction workers and haulers in their daily tasks.

The construction works started last January 28, 2018 and funded by NAK Humanitas. The project consist of 1-building with two classrooms complete with school furniture, wash area, water systems, male and female toilets, and faculty building. The two rooms will be used as primary classrooms and 50-T’boli students, will benefit from this project.

The school building spans an area of 9m x 7m per classroom while the faculty building is 7m x 6m. Both buildings are sturdy wooden structure erected on a concrete foundation with steel-reinforced flooring, wooden roof beams and GI metal roofing supported by hardwood frames and windows made of hardwood shutters.

Target completion of this project will be by last week of March 2018 and planned to be turned over to the Department of Education by 2nd week of April 2018.

Enclosed are photos for your ready reference. Would also like to share some comments from the T’boli community:

As per Edwin Kuyan, Chieftain, the villagers knows that education is the path out of poverty, but they live very far away from schools and have little income to support their children. He thanked very much NACSEA Relief, Inc. on behalf of the T’boli’s for its great assistance for providing learning facilities to help improve the functional literacy and give opportunities to their children to have access to quality education.

Mr. Juanito Sampan, Barangay Captain of Tamadang in Kiamba, Sarangani Province was also very grateful and proud that NACSEA Relief has undertaken this venture to help improve the educational environment and bring hope for a brighter future of the students. He further mentioned that everyone is empowered to continue and sustain this great development in Datal Bong.