After an enormous effort with immense logistical challenges (see previous posts) the project finally was completed and NACSEA Relief formally turned over the Datal Bong Primary School property to the Department of Education (DepEd) May 17, 2018

The simple turnover rites, sealed with the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), Deed of Donation (DoD) and Deed of Acceptance (DoA) bring together the various efforts of the stakeholders in upholding Indigenous People’s rights for education, ensuring that it is relevant, inclusive and rooted in the Tboli culture.

Signatories in the MOA were Rev. Urs Hebeisen, President of NACSEA Relief , Ms. Nilian Gonzales – School Head, Falel Kesbung IP School and the witnesses Rev. Alfredo Pascual. Rev. Mercurio Nuyad, BoT member Freddie Nuyad and Hon. Juanito Sampan, Barangay Captain of Tamadang, Kiamba.

Mr. Aurelio Cagang, Education Program Supervisor of DepEd; in his acceptance speech, expressed thanks to the stakeholders particularly the NACSEA Relief and NAK-humanitas of SWITZERLAND for their continuing support of education. He also challenged the community to help to take care of the facilities and to give their support to the teachers who will be assigned in Datal Bong.

Hon. Juanito Sampan, expressed his gratitude to NACSEA Relief for the partnership and reiterated its commitment to continue the journey with the IPs in upholding their rights, stating that education is only one of the issues confronting the IPs.

Ms. Nilian Gonzales further expounded the IPED program of DepEd that aims to provide education to empower IPs to claim, exercise and protect their rights according to their culture, by providing access to formal education; enhancing awareness and appreciation of indigenous knowledge, systems and practices; advancing competence of IP leaders in managing IP education systems; and setting up sustainability mechanisms.

Board of Trustee member, Freddie Nuyad, a school principal himself, commented: All the sacrifices and the hardships for the Kiamba project were worth it.. the community is very happy, we received many nice feedbacks.. The Deped Education Supervisor emphasized on the efforts, saying: “the foundation made a very good endeavor with a lasting effect” and added : “the school has brighter future than the adjacent school due to its land area”. The Principal was impressed so much with the complete facilities. The Brgy.Capt. was emotional when he made his thanksgiving speech. Some doubted if we do it without expecting in return. but we can assure all we do it out of Love.