In our annual report 2018 on page Typhon Ompong, we read that this storm which left behind 14,3 Billion Pesos in agricultural damage.

True to our “seastar strategy” we went beyond relief activity and really wanted to make a change and help to rebuild livelihood. One has
to understand besides all the personal hardship and loss at time of typhoon the real problem lays in the destruction of the field, the harvest
Re-cropping is what has to be addressed.

We monitor the effects of our work. Here are the mathematics.

  • NACSEARelief invested PHP 140 000 in new seedlings
  • Result: A new harvest of 381 sacks of rice
  • Laborers got 102 sacks of rice
  • Remaining: 279 sacks were sold at PHP 15/kg
  • Revenue: PHP 209 250
  • Expenses: 110 000 (fertilizer PHP 27’500 per hectare
  • Income: PHP 99 250

Isabela and Cagayan farmers reported that their rice harvest for this season is in a great measure of 100% thus everyone was very glad and grateful that food for their families, expenses for schooling of their children as well as re-cropping is now secured.

Favorable weather, the very good irrigation system provided by Magat Dam and most importantly, the rice seedling inbred and hybrid varieties received from NACSEA Relief is of very good quality and well received just in time for their planting season according to the beneficiaries.

The farmers extended once again their deepest thanks to NACSEA Relief and its donor not only for the aid but also for free training of new rice
technology prompting them gained net income as much as P99,250.00.