2nd March 2020, Sitio Bugtong Kahoy, Brgy. Asia, Hinobaan (Negros Occidental) Groundbreaking Ceremony with Mayor Ernesto A. Estrao for a new school building

“built, built,built” is the call of President Duterte. Indeed there is still much need and we support the Department of Education to provide proper facilities for our school-children. Another project has been started, again true to our strategy to reach also those who are in areas where need is evident, in Sitio Bugtong Kahoy, where families, faculty and LGU are waiting already 10 years for proper classrooms.

“built, built, built” is not only applicable for buildings, but also for your lives, studies and future careers. You are the future of the Philippines and building will be part of your life. Do not just work and study hard for a dream of going abroad. Let your dream be a prosperous Philippines of which you are a part of”. NACSEARelief President said in his speech on behalf of NAK-HUMANITAS of Switzerland.

Mayor Estrao outlined the great need for international cooperation and mutual support to move onward. So many children still encounter hardship in reaching their school. Children keep growing and vision is needed. From a beginning first step to the next one. Soon also classrooms for High School will have to be on the agenda. Government is doing their part. Support and cooperation is thankfully acknowledged and appreciated.

This is how the school facility looks today
Prepared site for first phase 2 class room project
Groundbreaking Ceremony and start of work 2 March 2020