ALPS stands for Aid Line Philippines Swiss and is the Corporate Social Responsibility Arm of Swiss Business in the Philippines. In view of COVID-19 Pandemic an outreach program was launched to needy children in Cagayan de Oro as well as in Davao del Norte were the tribe Ato Manobo has its ancestral domain.


The volunteer task force of NACSEARelief Mindanao has been tasked with the operation in Barangay Stock Thomas. Here their  report:


Obviously children are victims of the social consequences of COVID-19. Our young ones can maybe not understand what causes now exactly that less food
comes on the table.


In schools we meet them and in Barrio Sto Tomas/Davao del Norte ALPS identified children of indigenous families in need of quality food and essentials.


Volunteer workers have prepared 170  food packs consisting of 6kgs of rice,6 cans of sardines,  2 noodles, 1 pack of milk,1/2 kg of sugar, 1pack of coffee, 1 pack of soy sauce, 1 pack of vinegar, 1/2 kg of oil, 1/4 kg of salt. 1 pc. of Vetsin, 1pc of garlic, 1/4 kg of onion,3 pcs bath soap,6 pcs of shampoo,  3 pcs of toothpaste, 2 bars of laundry soap and face-mask.



Unfortunately strict health protocol and lack of transportation delayed the operation yet was successfully accomplished Friday 22nd May. The head of the task force, Freddie Nuyad  a School Principal from the Tagum Area reports:


“During the operation, the vehicle had difficulty in reaching there due to the terrain. And we were investigated  by military, suspecting us that we were rebels doing relief operation because they considered it as  a critical  area. I was interrogated, but after a series of questioning the military was enlightened. Because  this encounter I realized how critical the situation was. After ensuring that all pupils had received  their packs,  including the whole community we left right away because in my mind was the fear, there might be the presence of  rebels in the area. We had still some food packs left. I let the School Head to manage it. The entirety of the operation,  as usual, ended with a happy heart. The community was so thankful and happy saying that they received more
than the Barangay  could have provided them  Also the teachers who accompanied me were so grateful and  happy for the opportunity to be of help. Though, it was risky and tiring according to them, it was really worth it, and  God’s help is also not far when helping needy people” 


The task force managed well and some excess money is left with which now a “feet operated hand-wash installation” will be set up. (see short video and picture) Talos School is considered an IP school. The inhabitants there are indigenous people known as “Ata Manobo”. All school buildings were donated by private sectors. The school population is 130 pupils. It offers Kinder, Elementary and High. It is 30 minutes to 1 hour drive from the town with hilly rough road.


A special Thank You to the Swiss Business CSR who through ALPS made this possible