“a mishap comes seldom alone” an old saying goes. This applies to the Philippines. The Filipino people always had to handle many challenges. Even though over the the past few years there was remarkable improvement in the economy and there is great hope for a better future, the majority still has not arrived yet in so called better times.

The year 2020 began with a volcano eruption, followed by earthquakes and then came COVID. As this would not be enough yet Super Typhoons battered parts of the country. What this means for the families in the affected areas one can well imagine. Loss of home, personal belongings, livelihood, not to mention increased infection risks in so called evacuation centres.

The following picture went around in media.

This photo says it all. A courageous member of the Philippine Coast Guard Rescue Team does everything to safe the little helpless baby, but he does not see where he stands in murky waters. A great image describing the situation of many.

NACSEARelief responded with food distribution in the Bicol region. We however realize that it is long not over. People need help for reconstruction and rebuilding of livelihood.

We thank all donors, abroad and at home for their donations and support. Already small amounts go a long way.

Even though often we are overcome with the feeling of being helpless and doing only little, for the individual family every help means comfort and the awareness not to be forgotten is always a source of hope.