The NCR wide we received reports of the heightened food insecurity for most families. There is also unprecedented loss of livelihood with informal workers and daily wage earners suffering greatly. The struggle to make a living was magnified a thousandfold since the start of pandemic. Right now, while with the downgrading of the Community quarantine from ECQ to MECQ the situation might slowly improve to more normal for some yet the numbers of COVID-19 cases are still rising and the social impact is far from over. NAC members in Bagong Nayon (Antipolo) described the difficulties they faced everyday but they would always claim there is a way to live together and ‘be in community’ to be with one another, to share their pain and empathize with each other.

Creativity and resourcefulness to do odd jobs such as selling repacked food items in makeshift stalls or carts on the streets are their means and meagre earnings for daily food expenses. People need food assistance as they are restricted to go out of their homes to avoid further spread of COVID-19. They received food survival packs from the government but were just meant to tide them over during the first few difficult weeks of the metro wide lockdown.
40-beneficiaries were very happy with the visit of NACSEA Relief team and to receive family food packs, toys for Sunday school children, and some clothing. Head of the families were incredibly grateful and shared that they do not know how to provide decent food for their children especially now that they can’t work because of COVID-19 lockdown.