We care for education in Pandemic times. NACSEARelief’s Scholar Internet Load Assistance program for online classes, our Genalyn Mosura reports:

“The COVID -19 pandemic forced all students to stay at home and to continue their studies through online classes. This kind of set-up is something new in the Philippines’ education system hence, it has added more stress to the students especially those who do not have computer and internet access at home.

Nevertheless, as many educators says, “Education is something which cannot be delayed”, therefore, most of the schoolteachers are utilizing several Apps such as Facebook Messenger, Google Meet App, etc., which are accessible even by mobile units. This is to ensure that every student can have access and join the virtual classes even without a computer unit.

As part of this initiative in a challenging situation, the NACSEAReleif scholarship program provides internet load assistance to all student beneficiaries in order to ease a little bit of the burden which they are facing right now amid the pandemic crisis.

The scholars express their gratitude through sending thank-you messages in their chat-group in Facebook messenger, a communication tool for all NACSEARelief scholars around Philippines”

Thank you so much for the continued support towards NACSEARelief education program.