On 25th March 2021 we reported of the signing of a usufruct agreement by NACSEARelief on behalf of the New Apostolic Church in the Philippines and M.O.V.E. (“an empty room is a waste“)


After almost 2-months of refurbishment works the facility was dedicated and turned over in a festive event in the presence of Mayor Gertrudes S. Andaya and other officials of the Municipality, Barangay and the MOVE organization.


NACSEARelief president Urs Hebeisen reiterated in his address that things are changing in life and what was once was a church with much pastoral activity has now another purpose yet still serving the community. He expressed his great pleasure that this once a blooming church, then a ruin has been restored and he wished MOVE will fill these walls with life for the benefit of welfare of Famy residents.


Teodoro Vale, President of M.O.V.E. in his speech reminisces his childhood to have already met Urs Hebeisen in his days of pastoring in the 80’s, where he once participated the NAC event in Quezon province. He extended his deep gratitude to NACSEARelief and expressed his humble acceptance to the duties and responsibilities to upkeep, maintain, and use the property not only for the organization’s programs and activities but also for the benefit of people Famy community.


Speech of support to the officers and members of MOVE and their gratefulness to NACSEARelief was delivered by Barangay Captain Alfredo Manuel, Vice Mayor Markdel Ferrer, and Mayor Gertrudes Andaya. They expressed their being so fortunate and endowed with the beautiful and newly renovated NAC Building for community use.


MOVE (Men Opposed to Violence Everywhere) has now a venue for the organizations’ programs such as medical missions, meetings, evacuation center and other activities related to the welfare of the people of Famy. Church buildings should never be silent mausoleums but vibrant center of service at the heart of local community.