Much is written about the wordlwide problem of wasting food. A mind boggling issue.

NACSEARelief took over a stock-lot of over 700 kg Oat Flour which could not reach the consumer due to marketing and logistical problems during pandemic times and distributed in small lots to various missions nationwide.

STEPS Mission in Bohol had the best idea of putting the OAT flour to use. They experimented about proper use of this very nurtrious food item, and that is why the major part of the lot was shipped to Bohol.

Evelin Hotz Gamonez, the Swiss Mission Manager says: “we are thankful for the Oat flour which is a perfect and nutrious addition to our weekly rice distribution for the poorest on the island of Bohol. We tried many recipes and distribute them to the recipients”


What a great way of making use of what otherwise would go to waste. Not only giving something away but also teaching proper use.

STEPS Mission Inc. (formerly known as STEPS Familia Mission), was established in 2006 in Manila, Philippines, and moved to Panglao in Bohol, in 2011. Our Christian volunteers focus primarily on educating the poor, hence the name STEPS which stands for Specialized Training and Education for Progressive Students.

Besides providing educational opportunities to the poor and underprivileged, our team is striving to help improve the quality of life by means of livelihood training, spiritual value formation and teaching health awareness through organic gardening and seminars besides  reading programs for elementary students from a nearby public school.

Teaching organic farming and animal husbandry. Livelihood programs creating beautiful handicrafts are further additions to the diversified program of activities.

COVID has brought about new needs and hardships. STEPS reached out to fisher folk by providing them with work opportunities, and  bringing weekly food donations to poor families all over Bohol.

Unfortunately even the once who help and support the needy face challenges and are themselves in no way spared from calamity. On Monday 24th May 2021 the Mission School completely burned down:


Donations to replace lost training materials incl PC’s, flatscreens, blackboards, tables and chairs and much more is needed.