In Barangay Patino, Tagana-an, Surigao del Norte, lives the  Baslot  family. The house is made from woven mats, bamboo and coconut palm leaves, used for roofing, flooring and walls.

Family income is derived from farming and open sea fishing with an average income of some 7000 Pesos (EUR 120) per month and when all have eaten nothing is left for savings.

The earth is moving, landslide are to be expected. Why wait until a desaster happens? NACSEA Relief provided construction materials for them to build a new house on safer grounds.

It is inspiring and noteworthy that the community has extended  help and  worked together to build the house and share in the joy. This is the true spirit of Bayanihan the famous Filipino word for community collaboration, especially in rural areas.

All the help and financial support however cannot eliminate proper planing and site preparation. Then were logistical challenges to be faced as pump boats are used to bring the material and when there is bad weather resulting in high waves the project is further delayed, but after 3 months the Baslot family had their new and safer shelter. Needless to say they are joyful and very thankful.

Before                                                                  After


House rebuilding materials