Hans Erich Schwarz the Trustee of UNFRIED STIFTUNG and the President of NACSEARelief signed a memorandum of agreement on
22nd October 2021 in Stuttgart/Germany for the support of the NACSEARelief Scholarship program in the Philippines.
The deceased Klara and Adolf Unfried were a childless german couple, members of the New Apostolic Church and their estate was donated to a foundation bearing  their name with the aim to use the proceeds of the foundation’s capital to support needy children and youth, especially orphans in their education in cooperation  with the New Apostolic Church and with the vision to achieve a secure position in their lives.
NACSEARelief as a social and community service extension  of the NAC Philippines has been chosen as partner to fulfill the vision of the couple and the purpose of the foundation. The collaboration started already one year ago but due to pandemic restrains the papers could only be signed now.
The scholarship program of NACSEARelief includes presently 73 students and the support range from simple allowances to enabling medical studies. We are very thankful to that such noble visions and resources are shared with us in the Philippines.