Typhoons, landslides, earthquakes with many casualties make it regularly to the headlines. Right so the public shall be made aware and be informed.

However we often overlook there are countless personal catastrophes. From one moment to another life changes for an entire family. On 9th November 2018 at 2 pm the Vilarente Family of Maragusan (Compostela Valley), experienced this. While at work the home was destroyed by fire, leaving the family with nothing. There was empathy from neighbours and LGU representatives but none had much to give.

NACSEARelief trustee and field representative, Freddy Nuyad reported: “when I made an unexpected on December 26 I was shockingly surprised to see the condition this family lives in. After over a month they could not get over their fate”

Love and help your neighbour. We do not need media to find out. Let us be sensitive to the suffering of our next one