We have meanwhile realized there is no end in sight to this calamity. Many people are just feeling left out. LGU’s are doing their best with food packs.
Great efforts are made but it looks like mission impossible for all. 

After our initial delivery (we reported http://nacsearelief.org/2022/01/12/rebuilding-material-has-arrived/) our Genalyn Mosura continued 
the challenging job and reached out to the Barangays of Banban, Pateno, Cawilan an Kiatongan. She reports from the field:


“Facilitating deliveries of housing materials to different islands has always been challenging as it needs to be transported by boat, little by little. Also, communication was so difficult as most of the areas still have no mobile signal or internet neither electricity.  Some houses were using small solar lights at night, however  less fortunate families  were just using candles or lamparilya (kerosene lamps). Nevertheless, the materials reached the beneficiaries who showed  gratefulness.  
The ugly traces of Odette are still visible but on a more positive side also that communities no matter how much they struggle show great patience and resilience which is a virtue characteristic of Filipinos. They are known for appreciating what they have and endure difficulties”
Truly we can turn damaged homes already humble in nature into a safer place to live in  again.