According to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, around 432,199 homes were totally damaged while 1,462,899 were partially damaged by Super Typhoon Odette (International Name “Rai”) as of February 2022.


In the aftermath of the typhoon Odette, NACSEA Relief activated its field action teams for assessment and immediate relief to affected communities. Super typhoon Odette caused extensive damage and humanitarian needs with many families loosing access to water, shelter, and food. Reports also showed that rescue and relief operations were difficult due to the ongoing pandemic and communities being completely off the grid due to loss of communication networks and roads and bridges being destroyed. 


Marking a hundred thirty days after the onslaught of Typhoon Odette, millions of families who lost their homes are still without sufficient shelter assistance slowing down their recovery, and forcing many to live in unsafe conditions. With the loss of their livelihood and the prolonged impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, they were unable to build back better and safer.


To provide holistic support to affected communities, NACSEA Relief initiated two-phase response targeting some of the hardest hit areas in Negros, Southern Cebu, Olango Island, Bohol, Palawan and Surigao del Norte.


The first phase initiative provided immediate food relief assistance supporting 1,250 families and the second phase, a longer-term support house repair kits were given to help rebuild damaged homes safely particularly those in vulnerable circumstances and those living on isolated islands and hard to reach areas.


In partnership with its donors, NACSEA Relief assisted 800 – families who were very grateful to receive house repair kits with 10-pcs of GI sheets, 5-pcs plywood, 2-kls umbrella nails, 2-kls Common nails #3, 2-Kilos Common nails #4, and plain sheet.


NACSEA Relief’s presence in the communities has brought a message of hope and solidarity that they are not forgotten and that someone cares and is  with them in rebuilding their lives. The beneficiaries also expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the support being deemed as a great help by giving compassionate assistance to vulnerable affected families to build back respective shelters better and  more resilient.


We are aware that in view of the extent of this calamity our contribution was just a small relief yet in the perceptions of the beneficiaries it made a great difference.


A warm thank you to all donors. Humanaktiv and nak-karitativ from Germany, HUMANITAS Switzerland and many private supporters  in Europe and Canada.