Tulungan nyo po kami mapagawa ang bangka namin para makapag-hanapbuhay. Walang-wala na talaga dahil pati mga bahay namin ay nasira ng Bagyong Odette” (Please help us to rebuild our boat so that we can earn a living. There is really nothing left because even our houses were damaged by Typhoon Odette), Edgar Villaruel commented. He is one of the fishermen who struggles to make ends meet after the fishing boat of his family was destroyed, stripping him off the only source of income he knows.


Boats, gears, and nets among others, were damaged or lost in Palawan, leaving fishing communities with little to no livelihood or food sources. According to survivors, most donations they received were food, water, medicine, and clothing. They are good for a short relief, but at NACSEA Relief we endeavored to create a long-term and more sustainable impact to help fishermen to a new beginning and recover.


Typhoon Odette “Rai”, the strongest storm to hit Philippines in 2021 has dismantled villagers’ homes and displaced more than 3,500 families a week before Christmas 2021 in this area.


According to the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) of Palawan, the damage caused by Typhoon Odette to the fishery sector in Northern Palawan has totaled P663.65 million, affecting 24,447 fisherfolks.


Also, shelter is one of the most critical and essential needs of displaced families, requiring timely shelter intervention in the form of shelter-grade materials.


Recovery as well is one of the biggest issues which will take a long time. Fishing and agriculture are two of the main income earners. Yet, high value crops, such as banana, coconuts, and cashew require several years to regenerate.


“Despite the immense challenges from conducting the survey to transporting aid to different communities, we were very happy to be able to help the villagers rebuild together by distributing materials to repair damaged fishing boats & houses. Fishing boat materials distributed were marine engines, fishing gears, marine plywood, copper nails, paints, epoxy, fishing nets, etc. and for house rebuilding, GI sheets, umbrella nails & sawali ” Mabelle Bagtas, our field operations manager reported.


Special thank you to  NAK Karitativ of Germany for helping us support the people of Palawan. It is a privilege to work with our partner and be a small part of this inspiring effort to rebuild livelihood and communities.


Loading Operations and distribution works using fishing boats



Distributions of House Repair Materials