As we soon enter the most happy week of the year, 4th Advent and Christmas, we again must be aware that it is not going to be a festive celebration for everybody. 
Thousands just were evacuated as Super Typhoon “Odette” slashed across seven regions of the Philippines. At a speed of 195 km/h, the giant storm made eight landfalls.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Photo by FB users Alexander Lopez and Jthrifties Collex

Our team is on alert to gather information, communication lines are not established yet everywhere. Yet it is easy to imagine what we have seen already so many times before. Families having lost everything will look at their destroyed house, and that at Christmas. 
As community service organization we will look to reach out to those in need and kindly knock on your heart’s door for a little donation to at least bring a little bit of Christmas comfort to the needy. Please visit as little as PHP 1000  (18 EUR or 20 USD)  is already a help.
We look back to a good year of activity. Were able to expand our scholarship program to one 100 students with increased support. Many a help could be extended in view of covid calamity yet we could also work on new  infrastructure project though not realized in 2021. 
Thank you to all who supported us in material resources, financial donations as well as in kind and last but not least the uncountable work hours of our volunteers.
Thank you, “God bless” and Merry Christmas followed by a blessed New Year