PALAWAN the large island between South China Sea and Sulu Sea where humans have lived for more than 50’000 years and today home of 1 million people and many still suffering from the aftermaths of Typhoon Odette which went through almost a year ago, further aggravated by Typhoon Paeng. (See our post of 21st July 2022)


The work is not done. Our manager of operations, Ms Mabelle Bagtas visited remote areas again. In Calawag our help had an effect, fishing boats are refurbished and lives almost back to normal. 


Yet there is still need in the community. Also farm communities in Pailig, Maybolo and Culium were visited and lives of many are still turned upside down due to these natural disasters. Gardening kit, vegetable seeds, fertilizers, pest control is still of great need. 


We followed up on our help extended help so far and glad to report with the seeds Ampalaya, Kalabasa, beans, okra, eggplant, upon, green pepper some modest economy could be built up resulting in a revenue of 200 Pesos per hour of sales in the market. 


Another concern is schooling without which children have no future. Our Scholarship program can only support a few but at least a little difference is made. 


The houses were successfully rebuilt or repaired despite the difficulty of sourcing the material which was only possible in faraway Roxas


We thank nak-karitativ of Germany who made our work in Palawan possible.