Saturday (Sept 16, 2023) around 0826H a residential fire started at Purok-4, Brgy. Villa Kananga, Butuan City which is some 500-steps away from the NAC central church in the same Barangay.
18 families (72 persons) were taken by surprise, the fire expanded quickly and left everybody with nothing. Fortunately all could escape and no-one got hurt.  A lost life is lost forever, but material things can still be replaced.
To evaluate actual assistance needed by the affected families, we initiated an assessment survey on site and found the victims who could not find shelter with relatives were evacuated at the Barangay court. Among them seniors and one person with disabilities.
Immediate help was provided by organizations like Agila Cares who distributed packs of rice, water, pail, toothbrush & light bulb; and the Red Cross, set of Kitchen wares; as well as  the office of Sen Bong Go, providing emergency cash assistance and food packs per family.
NACSEARelief determined the need for roofing. While three families could help themselves 15 others were left homeless and started to deliver GI sheets that at least the roof could be re-build.