November 8, 2013 went into Philippine History with a sad memory. Over 6000 died in the floods, 4 Million people displaced yet 1000 still missing. Super Typhoon Haiyan, codenamed in the Philippines as  “Yolanda” became the deadliest natural disaster in the history of the Philippines.
Marlene Holman, one of our front-liners in those days recalls: “I still can remember the smell… death all around”
A delegation of NACSEARelief visited Leyte to have  a look at “10 years after”. After all NAK-HUMANITAS of Switzerland  and NAK-karitativ of Germany who they represent were in rehabilitation and relief work with unprecedented investment.
Of course the bad smell of death is long gone and people rebuilt their lives, in urban areas probably better than ever before. Judging on the number of people frequenting the two huge shopping malls in Tacloban City indeed gives the impression all is well. Yet life is still full of challenges for most Leytenianos: “Those who survived continue to survive each day” as Marlene, our then social worker puts it.
Building a village for a Christian community, re-building public schools, livelihood assistance, medicines, equipment for health care stations. The list is long, we are not bragging but giving account, last but not least to ourselves.
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