Our member of the board and director for Mindanao Freddie Nuyad signed the turnover to the Department of Education (DepEd) the new 1-building with 2- classrooms + 1-faculty room + 3-comfort rooms + 2-handwash areas + 2-sets teachers’ tables and chairs + 2-blackboards+ 40- students chairs/tables+ 2-cabinets donated by NACSEA Relief, Inc. and supported by New Apostolic Church International of Switzerland.
Key officers from DepEd, Municipality of T’boli, Barangay Laconon, Military and other government officials who graced the event were all more than proud, grateful, fulfilled, and happy, knowing that the lives of more learners will surely change positively with the help of the new school facility. Freddie Nuyad of NACSEA Relief, who believes in the power of education in uplifting communities, shared that the organization had already turned over 5- school building projects to the grassroots communities in his area with building structures which were all according to DepEd standards ideal for the students’ learning environment and spaces that will allow young people to flourish and learn. He encouraged the Motosom community to help take care and maintain the upkeep the school facility. 
SDS Efren Balala, in his acceptance speech and on behalf of DepEd, expressed thanks to the kind-hearted people particularly NACSEA Relief executives and donors NAC Philippines and especially to NACIinternational  for their unwavering support to better education of unprivileged children in the far-flung areas. 
Municipal Mayor, Hon Mayor Keo Dayle Tuan also expressed his great appreciation and commitment to all partners of NACSEA Relief to better the status of education. He further noted that this project will bridge the gaps and open wide array of chances and opportunities for T’boli children despite the challenges and difficulties which are multifactorial by nature.
Meanwhile, SB Committee Chair on Education, Hon. Councilor Kirk T. expressed elation with the inauguration of new school building, saying that good facilities and infrastructures are important in producing school outcomes. This would encourage good attendance to students as they would be inspired to go to school.
Mr. Gil Tongcaling, Principal In-charge/Principal III of DepEd, expressed great thankfulness to all stakeholders for their support to address the gaps in resources and facilities of schools in geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas and transform makeshift classrooms into an environment conducive for learning. He is confident that with the continuing support of private sectors and other stakeholders, education resource gaps can be further narrowed down.
Teacher Alfred also thanked the implementors who made the construction of the integrated school buildings possible. He assured that through this project, he will continue to deliver quality education for the students of Motosom in their new school.
The parents, teachers, and students were all very happy after the inauguration as they need not walk long kilometers anymore in going to school. 200-students will benefit  from this project  (Mabelle Bagtas, Operations Manager NACSEARelief)